You will learn to make a simple and unforgettable meal that can be recreated in your own home.
In our hands-on cooking class, you will create all the parts of a pizza using fresh ingredients.
You will get your hands “dirty” by making the pizza dough by hand, (no mixer!) proofing, rolling and stretching the dough. 
Students will experience the art of making fresh mozzarella cheese, and flavor-filled pizza sauce.  When your ingredients are finished, you will make and bake your own pizzas in our wood fired oven.
We will also teach you to make a salad using fresh ingredients and a simple dressing that is out of this world, to accompany your pizza.
(We will share the simple secrets learned from a 3-year old French child).
This meal will quiet even your toughest critic.  This is a great class to enjoy with friends or family to create unforgettable memories.

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